Bottoms Up


1h 30mComedy2004

December 29, 9,184 feet, 15°F. Inès Larue could really do with a drink: her lover has just dumped her and left her with a hotel bill for 12,000 Euros as a breaking-up gift. Pierre-Marie Archambault could really do with a drink: obliged by his wife to stop drinking, this alcoholic doctor’s nerves are frayed by a difficult drying-out period. Seb Abd Al Abbas could really do with a drink: he’s wound up with a broken arm after his first day of skiing, his vacation is kaput and his religion forbids him to touch a drop of alcohol. Because no one could care less about them, because they’re as frozen as the snow around them, these three walking-wounded will mix the right cocktail to set themselves back on their feet: alcohol, love, mutual aid (and a touch of dishonesty).


Cast & crew

Marion Vernoux

Movie Director

Emmanuelle Béart


Edouard Baer


Atmen Kelif


Marina Foïs